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UAE is a flourishing business arena, and with all the added benefits and stable growth, it is the ideal location to start a business. We provide all the business setup services needed for you to create a successful company in the UAE.

Whether you are a firm looking for a free zone, or a freelancer looking for an independent business setup, we will provide assistance in procuring the Trade Licenses along with all the necessary legal documents to ensure compliance and to protect your business interests.

A safe credit line will exist as we open a bank account with the full privileges. Furthermore, we will facilitate the creation of an investor, family and staff visas for everyone affiliated with your firm.

For company formation, you will need to search and find the correct set of things that takes into account your final objectives and goals for your company. A company formation strategy that is drawn up in haste will not serve your purpose, and it will backfire without ever achieving the goals that you set out to begin with. This is why you need to be careful while drawing up the formation plans, and it is better if you were to trust an organisation which knows how to facilitate the formation.

We offer a comprehensive package of business setup services on a monthly or yearly basis for companies who wish to maintain links with governmental and non-governmental agencies in the United Arab Emirates. Our industry professionals are adept at creating a clear understanding between institutions on all business matters, such as:

We do not only cater to licenses but extend our services to all the other processes which require government approval. All the legal documentation that is needed will be handled by our experts so that you will get the necessary documents approved without much hassle and delivered straight to you so that you can begin building your business without any further ado. Furthermore, if you require changes to be made post setup, this is also possible. In fact, here are some of the services we offer:

  • Registration of New Business and Issuing of L.L.C Licenses
  • Secure approvals from government ministries and other dealings with the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Justice
  • Attestations from Foreign Affairs and Notary
  • M.O.U. Amendments
  • Submission of application to the economic department with the payment.

We are there for you when you need to be issued with Visas and other important documents. Once these Visas reach their expiration date, we will help you renew them so that there will be no discrepancy and the status quo can be maintained. We will help you with the following types of cards and Visas:

  • Visit Visa from Foreign Embassies and Immigration
  • Employment Visa from the labor, immigration, and medical departments
  • Computer Card, Medical Card, and Administrative Card
  • Resident Visa and the Labour Card
  • Resident Visa for Employees' families
  • Passports

Of course, for those who are not able to get their business off the ground alone, we will help find the right partners for you. This also extends to foreign companies, who will not be able to establish a company of their choosing without the help of a local partner who is a resident of the U.A.E. With our experts in the field, we will help you get the right partner who shares the same business idea as you.

There will be several options by which you can select your partner. A partner for you could be someone who is a local agent or a local partner. The latter is usually the default pre-requisite if you were to build your company onshore, and this person would also be having a 51% stake in the company and without any obligation to invest in the company.

The former, one a Local Agent or a Local Service Agent is a means by which you can get 100 % ownership of an onshore company. There are several industries, such as consulting and other services. We have a Local Service Agent for you; they will provide you with government registration services for a certain fee, although this must mean that you have an office space, but don't worry, we will fix you up with that one as well.

Finding the right spot for setting up your business is an extremely important process and often requires a lot of searching, but that does not need to be so. We are prepared to offer you the right service so that it is possible for you to find exactly the right spot to situate the business. We can assist with your lease or tenancy contract.

Whether you are looking for a place in Dubai, or whether you want to have it in Sharjah, you need to find the right place to start your company. Like mentioned in the paragraph before this, you can have several options to choose from, and each of these options will give you several advantages. Our expert business setup services takes into account each variant, whether it is in Dubai or Sharjah. That being said, here are the three variants of the choices:

Now, each one of these has their advantages, and you should choose the perfect setting for your company based on the type of business that you are providing, and on how your budget is shaped. An on-shore company will mean that you would need to find someone who will share the business, while an off-shore as so many tax respites, while the free-zone companies usually have 100% percent foreign ownership.

Setup your business in Dubai

If you ever want to get a business setup in Dubai, then you should consider our comprehensive services. We provide services which will not only get your business set up in the right location but will handle all the documentation, issue and renew visas, get the right partners and more.